My research is highly interdisciplinary in its approach to questions of technology and culture, media circulation, bodily experience, and the influence of non-human actors on the social. My first book, Low End Theory: Bass, Bodies and the Materiality of Sonic Experience is set to be published by Bloomsbury Academic in early 2016. Past projects have investigated digital music cultures and their global networks, focussing on these scenes as spaces where novel forms of subjectivity have been able to take root. My current and future research plans continue to build on “new materialist” tendencies in my book, examining the many ways humanly-built technologies can begin to exceed our knowledge of them, entering into unforeseen, and sometimes uncanny relations that put in question our capacity to control, or even fully understand, the things we invent.

I am a currently a instructor in Music and Communication Studies at Carleton University in Ottawa Canada. I teach courses in digital, visual and audio culture, as well as digital media production.

I have also worked with digital media in various capacities over the last two decades. This includes a professional background in web/multimedia development and graphic design. As a DJ, my recordings have been featured on radio and podcasts in several countries; as a sound designer, I have collaborated with architects and cartographers on large-scale multimedia projects (web-based and installations). For the last decade, I have also hosted and managed numerous blogs, online communities, and other websites.