My research is highly interdisciplinary, operating at the intersection of media studies, cultural studies, and philosophy. This work has taken several linked forms and often drawn on my technical knowledge of various electronic media. My forthcoming book investigates questions of affect and materiality in sonic culture. Elements of that project led to my present research into humanly-built technologies that begin to exceed our knowledge of them, entering into unforeseen, and sometimes uncanny relations that put in question our capacity to control, or even fully understand, the things we invent.


Speculative realisms and materialisms, digital audio/electronic music, digital and networked culture, affect and sensation, sonic culture/sonic experience, non-human agencies, self-activity of complex systems, popular music, sonic fiction.


Kodwo Eshun, Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari, Brian Massumi, Steven Shaviro, William James, Paul Gilroy, Stuart Hall, Paul Virillio, JG Ballard, Sun Ra, HP Lovecraft, Guy Debord.



Jasen, Paul. Low End Theory: Bass, Bodies and the Materiality of Sonic Experience. (Bloomsbury, 2016)

Other publications (* peer reviewed)

* Jasen, Paul. “Perceptual Abstraction: Transversal Strategies in the Vibratory Arts,” The Senses and Society. 9 No. 1 (March 2014).

Jasen, Paul, editor. Surrounding Sound – An Electric Fields Symposium. Ottawa: Art Engine. (Web publication, Fall 2013).

Jasen, Paul. “Acoustemes: How does sound shape knowledge?” in Surrounding Sound – An Electric Fields Symposium. Ottawa: Art Engine. (2013; in above)

* Braunn, Glenn, Sebastien Caquard, Paul Jasen, Benjamin Wright. “Designing Sound in Cybercartography: From Structured Narratives to Unpredictable Sound/Image Interaction,” International Journal of Geographical Information Science. 22 No. 11 (2008).

Select Conferences and Presentations

“Ritual Sound Design: Engineering Numinous Affect”
The Affect Project Conference, Winnipeg, Canada, September 2015.

“What Happened to Didactic Pop?”
Duncombe Studio for Social and Cultural Analysis (“Sound, Music and Protest: Manifestations of a Cultural Mode”), Carleton University, November 2012.

“Numinous Strategies: Resonating with Divinity”
American Anthropological Association (AAA) Annual Meeting (Music and Sound Interest Group), Montreal, November 2011.

“Bass: A Myth-Science of the Sonic Body” (Multimedia performance)
Electric Fields Festival/Artengine, Ottawa, Canada, November 2010

“Bass Cultures and the Sensory Construction of the Audio-Social”
International Association for the Study of Popular Music, Canada (IASPM-Canada) Annual Conference, Dalhousie University, June 2009.

“Keeping It Real: Tensions of Authenticity in the Production of Rap Music”
International Association for the Study of Popular Music, Canada (IASPM-Canada) Annual Conference, Carleton University, May 2004.

“Canadians in the International Electro-Feminist Punk Movement”
Canadian Studies Graduate Student Conference, Carleton University, October 2004.